Friday, August 2, 2013


We had to travel down to Stafford to get the school registration forms - and it just made sense to go visit the house....

But what could have been done in 1 working day?

The DRIVEWAY! Including the walkway and our steps to the front door.

Master Bath Shower - TILED!

Here is a shot of the sink/cabinets without the plastic wrap - you can see the crewman working diligently on tiling the bathroom - they were actually working in all the baths.

We have LIGHTS! Recessed and under cabinets.  All lights and light fixtures throughout were in and working while we walked through.  The Electricians and Guardian were bustling about the house.

The teams are kicking butt in our home - and we are very happy.  Our PM had prepared me for the tile work being done so that was not a surprise - but the driveway?  That was a big surprise we had just trampled through the mud on Saturday - come Tuesday the driveway was done AND able to be walked on.

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