Friday, August 16, 2013


The Kids are just as excited...and ready to move in.
Rob's already looking for drink service!

Don't let the missing smile fool you - he's excited!

All the light in the Morning room looks inviting!

Empty finished basement - "kids zoned" - for now anyway.

Neighbor's house is getting started.

Well the only thing new this week was calling the utility companies and working with NVR on the mortgage.  We are good to go on the money part, NVR is working our closing paperwork to send to the settlement office - so the real count down begins - less then 7 days and we will have hand cramps and keys!

Rob is cheating the "don't see the house till the settlement walk through" plan.  We reached out to a fencing company and they are meeting him Monday on the property to give us an estimate.  He smiled and said - I could take the meeting.  I had to remind him I'm already taking off of work on Wednesday and most of Friday.  Now the question I have to answer - do I want him to take photos?  I almost feel like when your expecting a baby and one says - I want to know the gender - and the other is like, no let it be a surprise...A surprise is harder when one is in the "know".  Anyway I'm so excited I can't express it, so I figured I would upload some earlier pictures for something to do.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I tried to send you the info for the fence company but blogger wasn't letting me send messages. I see you have a fence contractor lined up already but if you don't like their quote the name of the fence company is Cardinal Fence Company in Aldie, VA. They have an online form you can fill out. Have you received HOA approval yet?
    Congrats on closing this week. We are having our final walk through on Friday and our close date is still up in the air(our loan officer messed up the paperwork), hopefully we will have one before the end of the month. Your sod went in on Friday and they were finishing up your shutters.
    Melissa (lot3)