Monday, August 26, 2013


So some of you may have noticed our "count down" has become a "Count Up" for how long it has been since our Closing was delayed!!!  We finished Thursday excited and hopeful that Friday Close may happen - even though the underwriter had not completed his job - since the previous THURSDAY!  I have written an AAR (after actions report) to submit when they request our comments.  I not so jokingly suggested that this would NOT happen in a military environment and since I have managed trouble tickets and customer service I have a few "ideas" for them.  (The underwriters process that is).  

So even though my direct contacts pushed up to their supervisors requesting immediate action, there was a small chance of a Friday close.  If the underwriter finished his job in the morning - or even mid day to give my contacts the 2 or so hours they needed to process and close us.  We would have to trek to Fredricksburg - a good 45-50 miles for me from work, and 75 or so for my husband from our temp lodging.  Knowing that we could not make that miles without significant traffic delays we pushed Friday in the positive manner that we would be good to go. - We reached our destination about 15 minutes after our scheduled appointment.  But since the underwriter had not finished - it was a waiting game for 2 1/2 more hours - Then finally - NO WAY! The Underwriter had not finished our paperwork - and weather he was even given the guidance to put ours on the priority list is questionable. Because end of day Friday we got told his supervisor has talked to him, and he said he would do it Monday. (which translates to he never intended to do it Friday!)  

When Monday we ask??? No answer.  He could make it his last order of business today.  Which puts us in a pinch.  We had scheduled our HHGs to be delivered on Tuesday.  We have been debating all morning at what time do we cancel the movers?  How long will it take for us to reschedule that move?  Will we even know when we could schedule it - we don't know how much longer the underwriter will take!  I'm on vacation days - being wasted at this point - and the school year starts on the 2nd of September - that is a whole different ballgame of "what if"!  

I am trying to have faith that the person will do their job in a timely manner - but if I go off the previous week - it is a great challenge!  I will muster the strength and believe he can start this week fresh. I will blog tomorrow if it became a no go!  If we close - I may not have internet to share my excitement with everyone.


  1. This is getting ridiculous. I had to call our Congressman today to have them follow up on the VA appraisal delay. I heard our neighbor at lot 11 is supposed to close today. We shall see. We were supposed to close today and it is looking like mid to late next week. Luckily we don't have a school start to add to our problems. I feel your frustration and pray this comes to a close(literally) asap. I hope you closed today.

  2. Thank you for your prayers. The underwriter finished his job at about 4pm yesterday. For some reason I knew the person would make our loan his last priority of the day. But we will try to push aside some of the frustration and disappointment to be excited for today since we are closing today! I will continue to pray for you and your situation.