Friday, April 4, 2014

Major Changes

We have made some major changes these last few months.  The play set was added back in October.  My mother-in-law moved in with us, and the basement went from our military/travels display - movie room, to her bedroom.  So we took our tax refund and added an official bedroom in the basement.  We had a few options, but the most cost efficient was to put the bedroom in the finished space below the morning room.  We had wanted to finish, the unfinished storage area but since we already had a patio off of the transom window, we could not make it a bedroom - only a multipurpose room.  And it would cost just as much.  So I guess the good news is our home is now a 5 bedroom 3 1/2 bath home.  We had the full bath put in originally so now she sort of has a suite.   Oh I almost forgot - my favorite - Rob made me beautiful pantry shelves!!!  Now my canned goods don't make the shelves look like they are going to fall, and my cereal containers can stand tall! 

Standard Home Option

Rob's Special - Custom Stained 'cognac' like our cabinets.
Now I have 2 additional shelves!

The somewhat new playset!

The side view of the egress window.

The back view.(our dog Rudder)

Our new wall - and doorway to Judy's room.

The kids on the outside - looking in.

Mr. Excitement - modelling the egress window.