Monday, August 5, 2013


No changes to the outside...but our neighbor in Lot 3's stone was being installed - on Sunday!

Granite was installed and looked Beautiful!
Basement Bath and all Tile work complete!
Granite - Double Oven Cabinet - WOOD FLOORS!!!

Master Bath Tile work - If you don't get the "seat" upgrade you have a wall vice glass door between the tub and shower.  - Food for thought.

The Gunstock Wood Floor with the Cognac Cabinets.

So do you think "Lady bugs" are Good Luck?  I do and we had 3 hanging out on our basement ceiling :)

 So we went on Sunday - Kids in tow - to see what if anything was done this week.  We found our wood floors - bathroom tile - and laundry room floors complete.  Our garage door opener was installed - and worked nicely and quietly. The only down side....The Stone work was being done up the street and looked wonderful - Lot 3 you will LOVE it!!  So I was a bit bummed to not see ours up yet.  My son thoughtfully said as we drove down the street.  They are working on Sunday?  This is the day for rest?!  Apparently not for the RH Stone contractors.  We have found one downside to visiting every weekend (besides the cost of gas and about a 4 hour round trip drive) - the walls were fresh and painted looking great last weekend and yesterday, well they were scuffed, dirty and what looked like "written" on.  I am not fretting about it because - they have to have it perfect for the settlement walk thru - so they have until the 21st to get is squared away.  I did take pictures of some of the "damages" to the cabinets/drywall just so that I can remember and verify it was rectified before the 21st.  We don't want any reason to delay our move!  On that note we ensured that all paperwork for closing was quickly turned in.  Now we wait - and I excitedly envision what I want to buy for the house - while Rob excitedly hopes I buy less!

Our friendly Neighbor and Fellow Roman Blogger's home getting dressed up!


  1. Thanks for the picture. I can't believe how much they are doing each time we stop by. We will probably stop by again this Saturday, since they told us our floors and counterops would be going in mid to late this week. Only a couple weeks to go. Looking forward to meeting you guys.

  2. Wow, great looking kitchen! We're also getting the same siding color, so it's nice to see it up on other bloggers homes.