Saturday, August 10, 2013


We have stone and a level yard - I'm not sure how I feel about the stone color - it seemed "greyer" in the boxes prior to being installed.  But I will hold off judgement until I see it in person - with the shutters and accessories completed.

Almost done in here...

YEAH for Appliances!!

The Stone Fireplace looks OUTSTANDING - and well color coordinated with the granite,
if I do say so myself.

All Tile work in the bathrooms done - Level B almond in the hall bath.

Carpet - Check
Master bedroom complete - Check

Shower door and faucets/fixtures installed - Check.

Basement Bath - Level A tile almond.

Basement complete - Check, carpet here is a little darker then the 2nd deck.
Thanks to Collin (with Phil's suggestion) who provided some updated photos to attempt to save the Sutton family some gas this week!  The pictures look great - and Collin I decided to not post the great mirror shot of you and the Master bath sinks.  But it is a sharp picture!

So we appreciate the pictures and the attempt to keep us away however,  we are headed to Fort Belvior to check out the furniture shop (if they even have one) - and going to Willow Landing Marina to sign the contract paperwork for a boat slip - (Insert big smile here since our boat "Fouled Anchors" has a new home right away too! - the HOA and the construction zone would not be conducive to boat storage in the driveway) - therefore it only makes since to go to the house and measure out for our future Fence.  Note regarding HOA here too - they get up to 45 days to process structure requests.  I'm really hoping they do not take that long for a simple fence install!  We are getting started now on the paperwork to get the fence done ASAP.

With all that being said I am going to attempt to make tomorrows visit our last until the Settlement walk through on August 21st.


  1. 45 days for the HOA to approve stuff? Where did you hear that? Our SR made it sound simple or I would have started last month. I thought I was ahead of the game by sending my request off last week. We have dogs and I don't want to walk them through a construction zone with nails for a month and a half. I hope they approve it quickly.

    Your house looks great.

    1. Well the 45 days was what the documentation states they "Can" take. Doesn't mean they will. I am hoping with a simple fence request it will be quick. Did they give you any limitations like no higher then xft; no fence in front yard? We have just started reaching out to a contractor; And when Rob called the HOA - they had not comments but that they would email the form to submit. However I have to admit - we would not really know what questions we need to ask the HOA. As for the quick need for the fence - I am with you, I want to let our dog and the kids outside safely not into a construction zone where they can get hurt.

      Your house is looking FABULOUS - and besides the driveway your outside looks complete!

    2. The first contact info I was given was wrong. After finding out who to contact I was emailed a form to fill out. There are six foot fences of different styles in the neighborhood so I'm not worried. I have a fence guy I used to put a fence in at my in laws house who had great prices, was fast and did an amazing job.
      If I find anything out I'll let you know.

  2. Wow! You all are almost there!!! This is awesome!