Sunday, July 28, 2013

2 Hour Drive for a Saturday Visit - Jul27th

Blue shutters look OUTSTANDING!

Sweet surprise on this trip ...cabinets were installed!

Partial Kitchen Cabs - the Cognac ones..

Up next?  Stone!

Picture of the crown molding - painting in progress..
The Rain Storm we got stuck in...not our car pictured...
ours was about a 1/4 mile away in front of the model home.

Well Rob and I traveled in the heavy 95S traffic to visit our home - it took 2 hours!  But we had some great surprises that made it well worth the trip.  First a crew was working on painting and not the walls. The walls were completed they were working on the trim - the chair rail, the baseboards, the crown molding and the window/door sills.  So we entered the house via the basement and when walking into the full basement bath - there was the cabinet and counter.  So I quickly moved up to the kitchen and in deed we had  90% of those cabinets in.  As I can tell only the cabinet that surrounds the wall oven and over the refrigerator have yet to be installed.  (No granite yet) So the house with walls and paint looked great.  We figure each week will bring great progress.  Our PMs and the crews are doing a wonderful job.

So for the last picture...when we first got there we decided to walk to our house from the model (we had been sitting for 2 hours) then when walking around the back yard checking how big we want our fence we saw some rain clouds so we went into the house.  About 15 minutes later is starts to rain - slightly...30 minutes down pouring with no break in the clouds.  And 15 minutes from then my HERO - Rob ran to the car and drove to pick me up.  We did sink about 3-5 inches in the soft mud but luckily the "river" running down the street allowed me to clean my shoes before getting into the car. :)


  1. Very exciting. I think we were looking at our house at the same time. I wish i had known you were there, I would have stopped by to say hi.

  2. Love the navy blue shutters! I had to fight hard to get my husband to agree them on our home. Seeing yours makes me even more excited!