Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Upcoming Pre Con Meeting and other updates

We are headed to our community to meet with our SR and PM for the very first time.  This will be our first and probably only trip to the area during this entire process, right up until they hand us the keys.

During this trip, the plan is to have our Pre-Con meeting, meet with Guardian rep to go over the choices we picked and where electrical outlets and data ports will be placed, and then re-cap with the flooring folks with our choices so we can actually see what we got ourselves into.... ugh!  We will finally get to see a Rome Model in person .. yay!  And when we are not in meetings, then that will be the time that we get out and see our new neighborhood.  See where things are like Shops, stores, schools, etc.. We will even use the VRE from Quantico and take it to Arlington so Darla can see how her daily commute will be.

We just received a message from our first neighbor that building on the same street, and will be right across the street from us.  This is nice, since we are new to this area.

We really don't have any requests hanging out there.  Actually, I think we are still waiting on whether or not we can have a "gas-line" hook up outside the morning room for a barbecue.  This was recommended if we BBQ a lot, this will alleviate having to go through the ordeal of getting the propane tank filled up once every couple of months.

We are getting a Double Welled Exit from the finished basement, however, we had an option of it coming off the side of the house, situated a few feet back from the Morning Room cut out. Essentially, the exit will be just under the kitchen, and parallel the house towards the back yard, and ending just about at the end of the Morning Room.  Here is a picture of what I'm talking about.  As you can see the welled exit coming out the left side of the Morning Room.

And this will open up the area under the Morning Room, which we are considering our "Movie" area in the basement, since we already purchased the Surround Sound option for the basement. We have grown fond of this placement, as it will not interfere with the future plans for the Morning Room Deck/Patio.