New Things for a New Home

So we have been shopping to create a nice "Hawaiian" family room.  We started with the beautiful Koa wood framed Roy Tabora's Jewel of the Night and 2 more pieces of his art.  Then since the family room is so spacious and there will be room across from a future sofa - and these lounge chairs are actually really comfortable!
Roy Tabora's Jewel of the Night

Koa Lounge Chair

Koa Coffee Table

This was Roy adding the highlights to our other work we purchased...

Here is Rob with the Gallery piece of Jewel of the Night - that is what our Family Room will be decorated around...

Rob with Framed Jewel of the Night (not our piece) but the frame is the same!

This photo is the artist Roy adding the highlights to our Diamond and Pearls piece...

He even gave me a "Wishing Star" - Thank you Roy!

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  1. Just wondering where you got koa lounge chairs? My uncle has same except has brown cushions, he can't remember where he bought them. They're comfy. Thanks!