Pictures and Choices

Were changing to Elevation D - Darla likes the character - and it is not the popular choice.

Ok, I had to change my mind - again!  We are getting elevation C with Stone like pictured below, however Rob had to generate our garage door choice.  He did an OUTSTANDING job!

Elevation C with Stone

Our Exterior Color choices:
Dakota Ledgestone with Graphite Gray siding, Navy Blue Shutters and Door.  All trim will be Dover White.

So we finally got our hands-or better "Feet" on our carpet choices. We were debating between the baseline-the type that comes with the house and level 1 upgrade, Collinsville or Exactly Right; Collinsville won - we are going with Sahara Buff in the Family Rm, Study, and second floor.  Taupe Stone in the basement. 

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