Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We have been in our new home for 3 weeks now and I am happy to say ALL boxes have been unpacked and put away (well maybe not the storage boxes in the basement - but I don't go in there that is Robs workspace).  I wanted to give an update we emailed our HOA with a fence request two weeks ago and then this morning with a patio/steps request.  I was worried the approval was taking too long (I'm really anxious to get the fence in).  Anyway in discussing the patio request we were told that we were good to go for the fence - the HOA company was not aware that we had closed so they had not issued us the paperwork.  Lesson learned there.  I would not have even thought to request HOA approval before we closed.  The person helping us is really nice about it so I am moving forward with the fence she said I should get an answer back on the patio in a matter of days.  We have already signed an agreement for the patio to be put in the first week of October (that is their availability)  I told them feel free to hook us up earlier if the chance opens up.

Another lesson was the fence.  We fretted over vinyl or wood - really wanting vinyl until we saw the price tag.  We decided to stick with wood at half the cost.  When I submitted to the HOA the quote said Vinyl but had a price for wood as well.  The HOA came back and told us vinyl was not authorized option in the neighborhood.  - oh well all the fretting for nothing.  However if I was content at the price tag I might have been more upset.  With the cost savings of going to wood we are able to pay for the patio.  Nothing fancy but it will hold our BBQ and the steps off the back will allow us to enjoy our beautiful back yard!

We are painting this weekend - I will work on taking some pictures when we are done!