Sunday, July 28, 2013

2 Hour Drive for a Saturday Visit - Jul27th

Blue shutters look OUTSTANDING!

Sweet surprise on this trip ...cabinets were installed!

Partial Kitchen Cabs - the Cognac ones..

Up next?  Stone!

Picture of the crown molding - painting in progress..
The Rain Storm we got stuck in...not our car pictured...
ours was about a 1/4 mile away in front of the model home.

Well Rob and I traveled in the heavy 95S traffic to visit our home - it took 2 hours!  But we had some great surprises that made it well worth the trip.  First a crew was working on painting and not the walls. The walls were completed they were working on the trim - the chair rail, the baseboards, the crown molding and the window/door sills.  So we entered the house via the basement and when walking into the full basement bath - there was the cabinet and counter.  So I quickly moved up to the kitchen and in deed we had  90% of those cabinets in.  As I can tell only the cabinet that surrounds the wall oven and over the refrigerator have yet to be installed.  (No granite yet) So the house with walls and paint looked great.  We figure each week will bring great progress.  Our PMs and the crews are doing a wonderful job.

So for the last picture...when we first got there we decided to walk to our house from the model (we had been sitting for 2 hours) then when walking around the back yard checking how big we want our fence we saw some rain clouds so we went into the house.  About 15 minutes later is starts to rain - slightly...30 minutes down pouring with no break in the clouds.  And 15 minutes from then my HERO - Rob ran to the car and drove to pick me up.  We did sink about 3-5 inches in the soft mud but luckily the "river" running down the street allowed me to clean my shoes before getting into the car. :)

Weekend Visit Jul 21

Side View - Gray never looked so good!
Well we took a drive from MD to Stafford VA to see the progress and show some extended family.  We forgot the camera but I manage to take this photo from my phone.  We knew the walls were supposed to be completed - but the Siding was a pleasant surprise.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Pre-Drywall meeting was exciting and educational.  Phil met us today and took us (kids NOT in tow) throughout the home - Rob taking notes and myself taking photos.  And I admit - I took ALOT of photos!  What we liked best?  For me I enjoyed standing at the front door looking down the hall to the morning room windows - I could almost see how wonderful this home is going to be.  My 2nd fav - no not my exciting kitchen with the double wall oven...(I think that will top my list in the pre-settlement meeting.)  It was the unfinished basement spaces.  We have a finished basement and I had "daydreamed" that Rob could finish the unfinished space to make a bedroom or exercise room --- I love you Rob but I am unsure of your ability to run electrical or HVAC to those spaces - and to my pleasant surprise - Rob will not have to! In the spaces: light - check, outlet - check, HVAC - check!!  That means framing, drywall, floor and paint and it is finished.

Now for Robs favorite item today - the back yard.  He was having difficulty imagining the size of the yard - but today he stood in his back yard and was smiling - it could have been the stubbed gas line for his BBQ!

So as for dates - Our Pre-settlement meeting is scheduled for 1000, 21 August 2013 with our Settlement scheduled at 1300, 23 August 2013. So my guesstimate was 3 days off  - not too bad.

Rob and I following the walk-thru
Rob and Phil in the back "dirt".

The tot lot installed up the street


It was a long 3 nights 4 day drive across the country - but we made it to Warbler Court and the construction site of our Rome on July 8th.  We could not help but drive by when we were headed up the 95.  Thank you Collin who willingly took our family through the new house.  The kids really enjoyed it and Cassie was already planning her room layout!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Inside and Out

We got this great, and unexpected, surprise update yesterday from our PM This time it was from our other PM Collin, he truly out did Phil on the picture updates. LOL, Thanks Collin.  A ton of pictures of the inside and out.  Truly amazing how fast this house is coming along, especially with all the other houses going up on the same block.

Lets start with the outside pics:

Nice shot of the Double Welled exit; Looks Great!

And now for the exclusive inside pics:

Family Room; Rob's Office in back right corner where the window is

Upstairs facing guest bathroom and bedroom #4; 
M/B is directly on the right

Up Stairs facing the Loft;
Bobby's B/R window on the right 

M/B Bathroom

Downstairs to Basement

In the basement facing Morning Room Bump-Out and Storage Room

Double Welled Exit from Basement, directly under the Kitchen

Grand Stairwell Entrance to Backyard :) Sweet!

Front Door, Foyer, Living RM/Dining RM

Kitchen and Morning Room. 
Gotta love that natural light pouring in :)

Stairs leading to 2nd floor; 
Garage and storage closet on right

In M/B facing the Sitting Room and Rob's Closet behind it; 
Cassondrea's B/R and the Loft in the background.