Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Pre-Drywall meeting was exciting and educational.  Phil met us today and took us (kids NOT in tow) throughout the home - Rob taking notes and myself taking photos.  And I admit - I took ALOT of photos!  What we liked best?  For me I enjoyed standing at the front door looking down the hall to the morning room windows - I could almost see how wonderful this home is going to be.  My 2nd fav - no not my exciting kitchen with the double wall oven...(I think that will top my list in the pre-settlement meeting.)  It was the unfinished basement spaces.  We have a finished basement and I had "daydreamed" that Rob could finish the unfinished space to make a bedroom or exercise room --- I love you Rob but I am unsure of your ability to run electrical or HVAC to those spaces - and to my pleasant surprise - Rob will not have to! In the spaces: light - check, outlet - check, HVAC - check!!  That means framing, drywall, floor and paint and it is finished.

Now for Robs favorite item today - the back yard.  He was having difficulty imagining the size of the yard - but today he stood in his back yard and was smiling - it could have been the stubbed gas line for his BBQ!

So as for dates - Our Pre-settlement meeting is scheduled for 1000, 21 August 2013 with our Settlement scheduled at 1300, 23 August 2013. So my guesstimate was 3 days off  - not too bad.

Rob and I following the walk-thru
Rob and Phil in the back "dirt".

The tot lot installed up the street


  1. Wow, that is fast. I was told a month ago we were looking at the end of August. We are about a week behind you. I'll have to see what happens when we have our pre-drywall on Monday. As excited as I am to get in my new house, I'm not ready to close by the end of the month. Congratulations on being able to be in your house so soon.

  2. ooops typo - those are all August dates!!! Rob did not QC me very well that time :) we close 23 August. Thanks for the comment otherwise I would have never realized it.