Thursday, July 4, 2013

Inside and Out

We got this great, and unexpected, surprise update yesterday from our PM This time it was from our other PM Collin, he truly out did Phil on the picture updates. LOL, Thanks Collin.  A ton of pictures of the inside and out.  Truly amazing how fast this house is coming along, especially with all the other houses going up on the same block.

Lets start with the outside pics:

Nice shot of the Double Welled exit; Looks Great!

And now for the exclusive inside pics:

Family Room; Rob's Office in back right corner where the window is

Upstairs facing guest bathroom and bedroom #4; 
M/B is directly on the right

Up Stairs facing the Loft;
Bobby's B/R window on the right 

M/B Bathroom

Downstairs to Basement

In the basement facing Morning Room Bump-Out and Storage Room

Double Welled Exit from Basement, directly under the Kitchen

Grand Stairwell Entrance to Backyard :) Sweet!

Front Door, Foyer, Living RM/Dining RM

Kitchen and Morning Room. 
Gotta love that natural light pouring in :)

Stairs leading to 2nd floor; 
Garage and storage closet on right

In M/B facing the Sitting Room and Rob's Closet behind it; 
Cassondrea's B/R and the Loft in the background.


  1. everything looks very nice!!!! don't you just love all space!!! It is just the two of us and it is so much space! love the rome!

  2. I am still amazed at how fast our houses are going up.