Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update for the Spring

I haven't provided updates in awhile, mostly because there hasn't been much to update.  So, I will go over some of the things that has happened since my last post in this post, and will provide another post with our most recent information updates since our Pre Con meeting trip.

In late February, we flew to Virginia for a few days to attend our pre-construction meeting.  We had it early only because we live so far away and was the most convenient time for all of us to get together.. Generally the meeting is held about 2-3 weeks before construction starts.  So, this meeting is about 2-3 months before construction will begin.

During this trip we took advantage of going everywhere we could around our future neighborhood, visiting shopping centers, schools, restaurants, Marina's (for our boat) etc..

The pre-con meeting went well, there weren't any surprises.  We went over the blue-prints of the house and discussed details that I was unaware of, such as the numbers and codes that are on the paper that shows the lot, our PM was happy to explain those details for us.  The meeting lasted over 2 hours, mostly because we have had no person-to-person contact with our PM and SR until this trip.  All previous conversations have been only by phone and email.  So this was nice to actually be there in person.

A very BIG Thanks to Tina (SR) and Andy (PM) for all your generous help and patience with us during this visit and meeting.  It was comforting to know that our house will be built with you in charge.

Here are some pics of the blueprints that I took (unfortunately I deleted every picture that we took on this trip, so I had to go into "recovery" operation to get back some of them.)  So keep in mind this meeting was in late February.  Since then the pavement has been finished and I will provide pics of that in the next post.

After the meeting, we walked right over to see our lot (we are lot 10).

Here is a pic of me with Andy (PM) and Tina (SR).

One of the options for our double welled exit was to have the exit come out the basement and instead of going straight out below the morning room, they could build it to have it come out the side of the house and still run out the back to the back yard.  Here is a couple of pictures of another house that has the double welled exit like we will be getting.

We then had a meeting with the flooring company to go over all the options that we chose for the floors, cabinetry and tiles. Danni was our rep, and it was finally nice to meet her in person and to actually see the  products.  I wasn't able to recover the pictures of our choices that we took that day.  Danni did provide us with alot of information about what we are getting and how to maintain everything once installed.  She also gave us a tip where to go to get some furniture for some deep discount prices.  So, of course we went and checked out that huge warehouse of beautiful furniture.. I think we stayed in that furniture warehouse longer than our meeting with Danni. Thanks again Danni for all your help.

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