Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progress Report

YAY!! We have a street now.  Our Lot is on right side looking at the first picture of the cul de sac where the pile of rocks are in gutter.

Let me begin with a BIG THANKS! to Tina our SR for the updated lot pics.  Now, there has been some breakthroughs in the development of our house.. During our Pre con meeting we were told that our house was originally the 3rd house to break ground based on the date of application of applicants.. which is fine with us..  We were more interested in the June/July completion date when we first started this adventure.. Well, of course the delays are now starting to pile on and with them the anxiety starts to fill us up emotionally.  We were told during the pre con meeting that 1 May would be our ground breaking day.  Since then it has been pushed back due to permits and developer backlog and such.  We then discovered from our SR that our delivery/closing will now be pushed back into mid Aug.. ACK!!!!!  That was not what we wanted to hear, as we are now pushing into the new school year for the kids.. We will basically be moving into the house during one week and the kids starting school the next week.. Not to mention that we will have to extend our stay with my brother-in-law and his family until we can move in.  This just went from staying with them for less than a month, to close to 2 months.  Talk about inconvenience. And they live in Crofton MD, which is at least an hour to our new neighborhood in Aquia, VA.  Its probably a good thing I am military retired, so I don't have to worry about work, but Darla will have some commuting to do in the first month of reporting to her next command.  I will say that I am very appreciative that we can afford to be in a house like this and have family to help us out during this time.

Another interesting development.  Last week, we requested and explanation from our SR or PM regarding the delay in construction and also expressed our concerns, they explained they developers delay in permits, and that our house will now be the first to be built on the street because the first two neighbors had to pull out of the process... sigh!  While I am happy that the house is starting to be built soon, I not sure how happy I am to be the first to be built because that means construction will be going on for probably the next year on our street and the adjacent street behind us.  Pros and Cons I suppose.  Darla is more concerned with our move in date - to worry about construction on the street...easy for her, she will go to work and not be bothered by early morning construction noises!

I do know that one of our neighbors is getting anxious as well at "Lot 3" and she has been blogging more with updates which is good because we can follow her progress as well.  I believe her house is next to be started after ours based on her timeline listed in her blog.  Melissa, thanks for keeping up the great posts, especially ones with pics of the neighborhood:)

As of now, I really don't know exactly what day they will "break-ground".  I am hopeful it will be during the week of 6 May, but I wont be surprised if its the week after. 


  1. I was told they were starting our house on June 6th. Three months later than planned from when we signed the contract. You guys should be starting very soon, if not in a few days. I will take pictures and email them to if you want of your build. Good luck on the move and hope to meet in person soon.

  2. We just got the email yesterday saying that they have permits in hand, and will break ground on Tuesday next week (weather providing of course). Thanks for the thought of sending us pictures.. it looks like we will be able to see the last parts of the construction now, as we should be in VA the first week of July.. We were told the house should be finished mid August. We shall see. Good Luck to you and your build, I am sure we will meet soon enough as this progresses.