Saturday, October 19, 2013


The morning room almost complete

Our Mantel - With my favorite Roy Tabora that fit PERFECTLY!

Rob working our BBQ gas line - on our new concrete patio.
The length of our yard - you can see our new patio steps, fence and shed
According to our counter it has been over 50 days since closing.  We have installed the fence from Triple K which looks great.  We had the patio with steps and a handrail off our back door.  This was the greatest feat - no more putting the dog on a leash in the front yard every day! Now we open the door and he enjoys his new yard.  (I really think he does too especially when the sun is out shining on the grass).  We went simple with the patio to just get it in and make the backyard usable.  There is so many products to add to concrete these days that come the spring we anticipate beautifying it with paver stones around the perimeter and a paver fire pit and seat of some sort.  For now it is functional which is what we need.  We did request with the build the stubbed out gas line and once that patio was done - getting our BBQ hooked up with Priority 1!  We already used it tonight, but I anticipate steaks tomorrow.  For now we continue to paint and hang curtains.  Some kind of valence is what is missing from the morning room.  I have shades in all the bedrooms and 2 of the morning room windows for when the sunbeams in during the dinner hours.  At this point I truly have NO complaints.  We did our 30 day inspection and we had a list of about 4 things.  3 of which were taken care of that afternoon.  The only item that had to wait was the grass in the back yard.  We had what I suspected was a grading issue the grass seemed to pool up in one spot.  The PM agreed and when the next set of sod arrived at the building area they came and in re-graded that portion and laid new sod too.  I was very pleased with the quickness in there fixes.  

I must say Rob and I say numerous times a week "I LOVE THIS HOUSE!" and we do.  It is simply beautiful.  Even my kids know how this house feels like a home.  We've moved a lot with the military and they have asked to stay longer here.  A statement that chocked me up came from my 5 year old son one Sunday morning; he came downstairs and said "Mommy this morning I woke up and snuggled in my rocket ship blanket and said my life is awesome!"  What parent does not want to hear something that warming.  With that I will post again, when we have finished decorating something else. 

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